My Life In Ruins

No not literally…

I mentioned I am traveling. It’s Ireland again and it never gets old…. Well, you know what I mean.

I’m on a mission to find as many prehistoric/Neolithic sites as possible, before I join my long dead ancestors in the soil. Thus, I am very behind on my reading and commenting. Nevertheless, I am never happier than when I’m surrounded by 6000 year old monuments. Here are some samples: wedge tomb (2500 BC), ring fort (early Medieval period) and stone fort (400 BC). The final shot is of Ireland’s largest stone circle dating to 4000 BC.

Brothels of Pompeii

Header image: Mount Vesuvius, as seen from the streets of Naples – photo my own.

Yes, the world’s oldest profession… I was going to make this a Wordless Wednesday post, but I really think it deserves a little description. So in the name of history, let me explain what you are looking at. The images painted on the walls of a typical brothel of the time –Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79– weren’t merely to arouse the patrons visiting the establishment. You see, at the height of Pompeii’s splendor, an average citizen would have been illiterate. Only the upper classes would have been able to read or write. Thus, the images provided a sort of menu from which the customer could make some choices. Also, notice that the one being ‘serviced’ in the images all had the darker skin of someone who worked out of doors, perhaps depicting a shepherd or field laborer, whereas the prostitutes all had the fairest of skin. Here are some photos from my trip to Italy in 2009:


A Break in Breaking Bread

I have caught up my novel excerpts to the point I am in the story. As November wound down, so did my momentum! As I am suffering with a cold and am preparing to travel this weekend –we’re off to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play the Ravens in a crucial game on Christmas day– the story must take a brief hiatus as well. I will resume next week, with renewed zeal, hopefully…

Over the next few days, I will revisit some of the older posts that many of you haven’t seen – some of my early favorites, both poetry and short stories. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Anyway, everyone have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be. Be safe, enjoy your friends and families, relax and have fun! And while I have this chance, let me express to you how much I appreciate your friendship, your comments and all your support. All my best wishes to you and yours!

Love, Meg