Swans on the Thames

A mild November Saturday in 2022. Walking along the Thames in Windsor, UK

21 thoughts on “Swans on the Thames

      1. Now that is a very practical and sensible comment and, yes, I am, thank you Meg. I have been able to resume my daily walks after an enforced hiatus of over 18 months due to a mix of vertigo and angina. I had a period of really debilitating vertigo where, for a short time, I had to be helped from bed to bathroom and back. Thankfully that improved, and the angina is stable again. I seem to be stuck with vertigo which varies in intensity but refuses to go away. The best way to describe it is that, when walking, and sometimes when standing or sitting, I feel as if I am half drunk. We are trying all sorts of ways of re setting my head but, meanwhile, I have agreed to resume walking and try my best to ignore it. Hopefully, getting a little fitter generally will aid in saying farewell to vertigo. Meanwhile, yes, I am as good as I can be.
        I hope life is treating you well in Ireland. It’s a beautiful country with lovely people, albeit a little wet and windy!

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      2. Oh my goodness! I certainly hope that settles down for you. Perhaps the walking will strengthen the core muscles again which helps our brains orient us in space. Do take care though. A fall would be a setback for sure. Best wishes on that front!

        Ireland is a treasure. It seems like there’s always something new to explore and learn about. And here on the west coast, the weather is the wildest of all! 4 seasons in one day as they say!

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