Away With the Fairies

Oh it’s true… I’ve lost my mind. Or at least my focus… I haven’t been keeping up here at all. I’ve even missed posting for my own drawing challenge. I will do my best to get caught up this week. It’s a funny thing how once you get out of the habit of doing something, recreating that habit seems harder than starting it in the first place. But the purpose of the blog is to draw attention to the things I create. If I’m not creating anything, then there is no point in posting just for the sake of posting. Nevertheless, I’ve been reading. A lot. And reading always inspires me to write. Now if the fairies would just whisper a little something in my ear, I’ll be back to the drawing board soon.

Artwork: Queen Mab by Meg Sorick

13 thoughts on “Away With the Fairies

  1. Me too Meg. Have been quite busy with a string of festivals. You rightly said, once you get out of the habit, it is difficult to bounce back. I will try too. My harvest drawibg is also overdue. Let’s try without giving up!

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      1. Oh yes. Between July and November we have half a dozen festivals which are celebrated all over India with great fervour. Comparatively, the first half of the year have very few festivals. This time the rainy season has also stretched way beyond normal times with two cyclones arriving back to back and wreaking havoc in coastal regions pushing up the prices of vegetables and fruits!

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      2. Sounds like a busy and exciting time! Normally that it… I’m sorry to hear that the bad weSther is interfering in the celebrations. Hoping it gets better soon!


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