Wednesday Morning Coffee

I’m still not back to my writing routine and all my art supplies are en route. The shipping container hasn’t yet arrived, though the ship has docked in Rotterdam so it will be here soon, I hope. Everything I own except for what went into my suitcases is in this box:

It’s not much… just books, winter clothes, artwork and some kitchen gear. And of course, Nana’s hope chest and my easel. Even so, I’m having a hard time remembering what I have coming. That’s a sure sign that you can get along without a lot of stuff. It will be nice to have familiar things around me, though. The house feels generic without our personal touch.

This is definitely a country of storytellers. Most everyone you meet, takes the time to talk. And when they ask, “How are you?” [actually it’s “how are ye?”] they really want to know. When you ask, be prepared to get a lengthy reply. And in entertaining detail. It’s really lovely. I imagine this is the thing that will get me writing again –the listening to everyone’s stories. That and the abundance of history and scenery. We writers are observers of life. And life here promises to be interesting!

This is the Ross Errilly Friary, built in the 1200’s. It’s just 3 km from my house.

34 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Coffee

    1. It’s holding me up for sure. I don’t want to buy anything I don’t need. But everything was such a mad scramble at the end, I can’t remember what I kept and what I got rid of! Bah! Anyway, I am sure there will be plenty to write about!

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  1. Till your things arrive, you can take a deserved rest from writing and sketching. Meeting new people and talking to them is definitely going to give new ideas for writing. Looking forward to reading something interesting very soon. Tell us more about irish people as you get to know them.

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    1. Yes! I’ve met some of my neighbors and my husband’s coworkers. Everyone is so friendly and talkative. They really do have the gift of gab!


    1. I’ve been playing around with a drawing program for my tablet but I definitely prefer my sketchbook and pencils and my paints and canvas. I really hope my stuff gets here soon!


  2. I had to leave a bunch of stuff behind when I moved after college. When my mom brought it the following year, it was mostly useless to me!
    Your neighbors sound wonderful, and the historical places are way cool. Enjoy the coffee!

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    1. You’re right. The sky is definitely different here. I see it in all my photos. We’re in the south. Just outside of Galway. Maybe it has something to do with the latitude? We are much farther north than Philadelphia now!

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