Drawing Adventurously (12)

This time the theme was fruits and vegetables. Once again, I went digital for this challenge. However, though I’m using a modern technique, I chose a timeless classic for my still life subject: A bowl of fruit.

19 thoughts on “Drawing Adventurously (12)

  1. That is beautiful and looks real too! Procreate seems to be a classic application for people like you who are already good at drawing! I am doubtful if i could have got such a clean and proper image if i tried. Alas i have android phone and not iphone or i could have practiced.

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    1. Thank you! It’s been a lot of fun to play with. And it feels a lot more natural than you might guess. Especially with a fine tipped stylus!


    2. If it’s of any help, I’ve also used Autodesk Sketchbook which is identical on Android and iPhone.

      For pencil like drawing I find it slightly better than Procreate if anything.

      I’m trying to ‘gel’ with digital drawing but finding it harder than when trying to learn painting last year.

      Stick with it, Meg is doing so well and making it look easy if anything. Practice practice practice and we’ll get there 😁👍

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      1. Thank you Steve. So far i have not tried anything digital and stick to drawing by hand on paper. Digital drawing is another genre and requires some skill apart from regular practice i feel. I am only a starter and am happy even if i get the shapes right! As you say, Meg makes it look very simple and is doing a great job, like you. I will continue to practice hoping that one day i will get there!

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      2. You’re absolutely right, it does require some skill over and above drawing with a pencil on paper, in much the same way as painting does. However it is all learnable stuff so you will ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY get there with the practice.

        Getting the shapes even vaguely right is a skill worth spending the time on – it’s one of those core skills that can never be practiced too much regardless of where you are on the path of learning art.

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    1. Thanks, Dee! You as well. Hoping for a smooth transition for you. Ours is off to a wild start but that’s a story for another day. 🤪


      1. Glad to hear everything went well! Our adventure is off to a rocky start. All sorts of last minute glitches and delays. Oh my nerves! I’ll probably write about it when I have a chance. It’s all I can do to answer comments right now!

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  2. This is so lovely and looks so real Meg! Though black n white, it looks beautiful! When you have time, check out my drawing on birds and tell me what you think.

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