Painting (23) Climate Change

As you can see, this is not a high quality canvas. I misread the description when I ordered them on line. Oops! This is a canvas board, not a stretched canvas and you can see the texture through the paint. An underpainting would have helped I think. Anyway, it actually looks less obvious in person, but I do plan to try again. I started out with the idea of painting a misty sunrise and after getting the sky finished changed my mind to paint this stark landscape. Then the title came to me…


33 thoughts on “Painting (23) Climate Change

  1. “looks less obvious in person” – yeah that is something I know only too well, sometimes it can be quite annoying how the brain masks up the imperfection that the camera captures so accurately.

    Good painting, like it!!

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    1. Yes, that happens a lot. Thanks Steve! I am going to try again with an under painting. Gesso and then a coat of white. Stretched canvases are so much “softer” though. I have to invest in a better supply. This is good practice, though!

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      1. It’s the equivalent of magic white in oil painting. It smooths out the surface. And one of these days I’ll try water color! 🙃😉

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