Drawing Adventurously 2019 (3)

The theme for this challenge was winter sports, so there were plenty of subjects to choose from. Initially, I thought about drawing a figure skater because I love drawing ballerinas and all I’d need to do is add skates. However –and you’ll probably find this strange– I hate figure skating. I’m not even sure why. It just gets on my nerves.

Anyway, from figure skating to another kind of sport skating – hockey. I’d like to say I’m a fan but really it’s only the Flyers I watch and even then only when they’re winning. Nevertheless, hockey is a lot of fun to watch and those guys are amazingly skilled athletes. So here, then, is my hockey player:

30 thoughts on “Drawing Adventurously 2019 (3)

  1. Splendid Meg! He looks really athletic, strong and ready to win with a never say die attitude. The determination shows in his face. Costume has come out really well. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. I am fascinated that you kept the right foot straight on, and you pulled it off. I never was able to make things like that look contextually correct. I love the simplicity of your lines too.

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  3. Ice hockey was a challenging choice but your handling is admirable. Your player cuts a convincing, rugged figure. I found myself wondering what’s his story and he’s been haunting me ever since!

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