In the End

[Art and poem by Meg Sorick]

Year upon year, stacked like stones

A charnel house full of a lifetime’s bones

Storing regrets and sorrows like ancient tomes

After everything has been said and done

Wars waged and battles won

The same loneliness dwells in a cottage or a mansion

23 thoughts on “In the End

  1. Meg, this is a terrific poem, and subject to various interpretations. It could speak to a personal loss or a large scale loss by war. I really like your use of “charnel house”, it creates such a somber tone. I think these are such universal feelings and emotions, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. A powerful and memorable piece. 💗

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    1. Thank you, Mia. I really appreciate that. I guess I wasn’t thinking of one specific set of circumstances when I wrote this so it very well could be applied personally or globally. So happy you liked it! 💖

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  2. This is something i like about poems. What requires 3000 words to convey in a story can be conveyed in 50 words. Very effective! More than that

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  3. Sorry did not finish. I was saying, more than the poem, the eye is so lively, looks as though it is conveying the emotions of the poem! Can you give me some insight into how you drew it? Did you have an image which you replicated so well?

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    1. Eyes are tricky. I have used a number of images from Pinterest for inspiration. There are a couple of really helpful tutorials there too. Just type in ‘drawing eyes’ and you’ll find lots of images and instructions. One of the tricks is to remember that the eye is not flat, so you have to give it contours and second that the eye is not just what you see between the lids. The eyeball creates shape and shadow beneath the skin as well.


      1. Thanks Meg for your help. I will definitely look it up on pinterest. Eyes are really tricky and you have done a brilliant job. It looks so full of life that it mesmerises me. I am so happy that you are following your passions of art and writing and being so good at both of them. All are not so fortunate. All the best to you and i am lucky to be in your list of friends!

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      2. Thanks again, Prema, for all your encouragement! I hope someday, they can be a source of income and not not a hobby. I am delighted to have you in my circle of friends as well!


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