She’s a hollow reed
Dried and brittle at season’s end
Bent by the winds
Stripped by the storm
Bowing to the earth
In graceful submission

What else can you do?
But face the inevitable
With quiet contemplation
Serenity and acceptance
Fulfilling a purpose, knowing
That this was all there ever was

[Painting my own.]

In the End

[Art and poem by Meg Sorick]

Year upon year, stacked like stones

A charnel house full of a lifetime’s bones

Storing regrets and sorrows like ancient tomes

After everything has been said and done

Wars waged and battles won

The same loneliness dwells in a cottage or a mansion

Painting (8) Withered Thistle

I follow a series of painting tutorials on YouTube: Painting With Jane. Her moody Surrealist pieces always end up being my favorites. I try not to copy them exactly so as to make the art my own. This is my version of a withering flower against a stormy sky: