Painting (17) Wild Garden

This started out as another abstract forest. I was trying to duplicate the one I’d done before and ended up ruining it. But not one to waste a canvas, I painted over the mess and tried something different. I began with an underpainting, then added layers to create a wild flower garden. Sigh… I actually think the under painting is better. Might have to do that over again.

And here’s the under painting.

25 thoughts on “Painting (17) Wild Garden

    1. Thanks, Beach! The painting actually looks better in person – something about the light with the photo is all wrong. Anyway, practice, we talkin’ ‘bout practice here!

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      1. Really? How in the hell does someone burn through that kind of money? These guys need to be educated on financial management as soon as they’re drafted. So many stories like that, it’s sad.

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      2. Houses, cars and paying for all his homeboys to tag along as ‘personal assistants’ – his spending habits were legendary. He even had to go play ball in Turkey (or something like that) because he was already out of cash by the time he left the NBA. Unreal! And I agree with you – the should teach them how to invest wisely. It’s a short career for most of these guys!

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