Foto Friday – Orchid

Beginning in the new year, I’m going to try to up my game in the photography department. I’ve begun following a couple of photography blogs that host a variety of challenges in the hopes of improving my skills. How cool would it be to use my own images for book covers? I’m certainly not there yet! This week, however, I decided to start Foto Friday ahead of the new year. Not that this photo is anything special but, I am so pleased that my orchid bloomed, I just had to take a shot of it and show you. My gardening and plant-cultivating philosophy is mostly ‘survival of the fittest’ but with just a little more effort, I managed to bring my non-blooming orchid back to life after over a year of dormancy. And what could be more cheerful than flowers in the dead of winter? Voila!

21 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Orchid

  1. Perfect! Flowers in winter is a nice reminder that this hell is only temporary. I’m super glad you’re gonna get into some of the Photo challenges. Can’t wait to see what ya’ present. And try to talk Sandra into playing too, dammit! 😃😃

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    1. I am having anxiety over that color challenge! Lol! But I followed Cee too so maybe I’ll do one of her challenges instead. Once a week seems doable. And I might even be able to find a way to tie into what ever I’m working on at the time. Keep the focus on writing!

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      1. At least you have a huge collection of summertime photos which tend to be very colorful… My existing photos are mostly of cool, rainy Ireland! Not a bad thing – just not a whole lot of vibrant colors other than green! Even my beach photos from OBX are kind of monotone this year, thanks to the stormy weather!

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  2. Photos are certainly artsy, and I think you nailed with this post. The orange background is what caught my eye. Plus there’s a tiny jar/can that also got me wondering “What is it.”

    Photos are a great artistic outlet. You can take a number of artsy ones that didn’t quite come out the way you wanted. If you got some low cost or free photo software (I use Zoner) you can experiment with photos and turn ho-hum photos into real works of art. If you had a flat bed scanner you’d be away to the races. That way you could scan in photos from other sources such as books, magazines, CD covers, etc

    Mighty Meg would certainly be a power to be reckoned with !

    The following are software are titles that I think are still free. Search engines call them Photo Manipulation.

    Photo-Filtre (There’s a french version and an English version)
    Paint Dot Net

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    1. That is an antique canister from Scotland. That’s where my Nana was born and raised. 😊 Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think my printer also scans… it copies and faxes at any rate. I will be experimenting!


    1. I had always thought they were difficult but it turns out if I can do it anyone can! I have it in a really sunny window, water once a week and add a drop of liquid Miracle Grow maybe every month to six weeks. I never heard of the ice cube thing…..


    1. This is the first time I managed to get one to bloom after the initial flowers fell off. I put it in a sunnier window, added a little Miracle Grow and kept it watered and it came back to life!

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