My friend Cate framed my poppy painting! I may use it or another one similar to it for the book cover for my novel in progress: Here Lies a Soldier, set partially in the time of World War One.

17 thoughts on “Framed

    1. Good idea… I’ll have to go out with the camera and mess around with perspective. There needs to be blank space for the title and for the author’s name and so forth. I’m surely going to paint more of them! Or maybe I’lol even do a grave marker somewhere in the background too. Thanks Peter!

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  1. I didn´t know much about the symbolism of the Poppy until I recetly wrote about Flowers and Greek Myths… I learned that Poppies were associated with Demeter… and that they bloomed among the trenches, in World War Times. Truly moving… I´d never look at a poppy “with the same eyes”.
    Beautiful post! 😉

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    1. Thank you. They were said to grow faster over the remains of the fallen… of course that is unconfirmed but the legend is a powerful reminder of just how many lost their lives during that terrible war.

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