Wordless Wednesday – Worm’s Eye View

Photo my own:

20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Worm’s Eye View

    1. Or in a drop of water. One of the things I learned at the Tate was changing perspective. 20th century photographers began using ‘above/ down or below/up’ rather than shooting from belly button level. I had all sorts of fun with the camera after that. Of course a lot of it is still crap…

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      1. It should always be fun…above/below… I wonder where that came from… to finish the quote ‘and a heaven in a wildflower/hold infinity in the hand/and eternity in an hour….and that my Good Doctor is true vision.

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      2. That has to be Blake… I love it. The exhibit curator narrated the audio tour I was listening to as I went through and when she said the ‘above/below’ bit I had to smile. And of course I thought of you. Well I did anyway because of the subject matter. I found a few other photographers I’m quite taken with besides Man Ray. But back to the Blake quote I could only aspire to have such vision.

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      3. He is also referring to Paracelsus (I think?) who said that the philosophers stone might be found in the detritus and the rubbish… a grain of sand is usually nothing more than an irritant and a wildflower is a weed yet Blake says they contain the possibilities of revelation. It is all a matter of cleansing the doors of perception. Mystic Cake

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      4. It’s why we as creative people are drawn to one another. The artist’s eye… it sees beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing. That is Pissarro. Then find someone else who recognizes the magic in the so-called mundane? Priceless.

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