Sunday Sketch – Barn

Loosely copying the photo from the other day. My first try with charcoal and I really don’t know the technique. Sort of cartoonish:


39 thoughts on “Sunday Sketch – Barn

  1. Charcoal is hard when you’re used to other techniques. I usually draw with pencil and use charcoal to smooth out the rough places; the drawings I’ve tried to do with just charcoal are remarkably cringy. But this is great! Especially for the first time using it!! I love the trees in the background ❤ May I ask what your normal medium is?

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  2. Whenever I’ve seen artists drawing with charcoal they seem to spend more time using their fingers than they do the charcoal itself. Amazing work can be achieved in a fairly short time. For a first try I think you’ve done extremely well there Meg.


      1. J says it’s one of her favorites to work with, but takes some practice. The key, per her, is the blending and shadowing. Starting with your shadows, based on the perspective of shapes and in quartered segments, then highlight from there. Smudge stick is a tool, but she says her pinkie works just fine, for shadowing. All of this is from her, don’t shoot the messenger of that doesn’t make any sense. 😃😃

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      2. Ha! It makes total sense. Sort of what I do with pencils but I’m guessing it’s darker than the shading I do with my drawing pencils. Thanks for the advice! 😃

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  3. I like the look. I used to use charcoal all the time… and there’s definitely a ton of finger-use involved… or there was for me, anyway. [Wow, that sounds um… really bad!!] I was often a mess. Like dirty, I mean. Jeez, I can’t write this comment without it sounding like it’s about something that is not drawing. LOL

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  4. Well done, Meg. Looks good. Don’t know if it will help, but charcoal responds well if you put it on thick and then smudge and smear with fingers. Then you can add more if you wish, or even use an eraser to lift it, or white chalk…but have fun with it!

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