I’m angry and I’m wild
Spinning round and round in circles

It’s the moon, it’s the sun
And it’s everything in between

I’m running and I’m fleeing
But I haven’t moved an inch

It’s the minutes, it’s the hours
As I’m losing precious time

And I’m struggling, I’m flailing
But the shackles hold my feet

Above me circling, circling
The vast expanse of stars

It makes me weary, makes me tired
And I’ve never felt so small

By Meg Sorick, March 15, 2017 (Header Image: Circles in a Circle – Vasily Kandinsky, 1923)

50 thoughts on “Circles

      1. We escaped the worst of that storm. The snowfall totals were way lower than predicted. It ended up being more of a sleet event, maybe only 5-6 inches of snow. A real mess to clean up though… 😦

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    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! Clare had it first and now you? The risks of being the caregiver, I gather. Well, I hope it passes quickly, my friend! And thank you, the painting inspired the poem. I just love it!

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      1. Ut picturis poesis (Horace), from painting comes poetry. I hope I have that right. It’s an old concept, but the relationship between painting in paint and painting I words is very close. Think of Alex’s Surrealists: two sides of the same coin in many cases.

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  1. When I read this, it translated as song lyrics in my head rather than a poem. Something loud, rock, angsty (Dave Grohl on drums…)
    Now, if I only had any song writing talent, we’d have a hit! 😉

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  2. I like this a lot Meg. I definantly can feel how the speaker is going in circles. To me it’s a nightmare. That’s my first thought. Like you’re trying to escape this horrible dream but you can’t wake up. Nicely written.

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    1. Thank you, Mandi. Yes, the idea of running and struggling and not being able to move and then looking up and realizing just how insignificant one is amongst the whole of the universe… Indeed a nightmare. By the way… I bought those fine width erasers you recommended – they are the perfect thing! Thank you so much!

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      1. You’re welcome! Next to Sephora I think the art store is one of my favourite places 🙂 charcoal is one of my fav drawing methods as well.

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  3. Wow…first, excellent poem. Secondly, I was literally starting to write my next poem on circles. Total coincidence or serendipity. Anyway…love this, and just know I wasn’t trying to copy you. 😉 ❤

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    1. Thank you! Indeed I was talking to Roger this morning about the ‘hive mind’ – how some of us pick up a common theme for our writing. It’s a strange and wonderful thing! So no worries about me thinking you’ve copied me. I know it happens and I believe it means we are harmonizing today! xo

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    1. It is quite Cake-ish! And in the respect that it came to me in the haze of waking up. I literally grabbed my phone and spoke the poem into it. Then edited it first thing this morning. How do you feel about the artwork?

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      1. I like it… it is very A Vision, I know Kandinsky was interesting in theosophy just like Yeats. I included the gyrating bit as a reference to Yeats as well (I certainly don’t reference Instagram poets as was suggested).

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      2. I seem to be drawn to a type. I loved this piece. I may buy a print of it even. The connectedness of all of this has me whirling a bit today. And is A Severs the Instagram poet?

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      3. No A Severs isn’t the Instragram poet, it is Rupi Kaur who apparently I was referencing in More Beautiful Still which is one of my favourites. Funny thing is that it does deliberately reference Breton, Duchamp, Lautreaumont, Blake, Apollinaire and even Depeche Mode without searching for even more ephemeral connections. It was well meaning but it depressed me utterly. It is a very strong piece. Maybe I will write about Kandinsky at some point as he is a major modernist.

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      4. That is my favorite of your poems! Ah!! I will say this … it probably says more about the commenter than your poem, however. Try not to let it depress you. It’s an excellent, tremendous poem.


      1. I do, but I haven’t answered any emails there for a long, long time. I became … melancholy and disaffected by … the responsibility. Lots of words here that I haven’t said. I’d love to talk to someone about it. Or about … Yes. I’d love to talk, Meg.

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      2. We can direct message on twitter if you prefer that to email. I’m happy to talk either way. Sounds like maybe we’ve gone through the same type of thing. I’m @megsorick on twitter and I was pretty sure we were following one another

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