Wordless Wednesday – Abandoned 

Photo my own:

26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Abandoned 

      1. Indeed! There are lots of them out around us. One is so cool, all that’s left is the brick shell. No roof, windows, floor. It’s eerie as hell at night. Great subject for photo hunting though.

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    1. That’s not weird at all! I follow a Tumblr of the same kind of thing. And I have the photo collection: Beauty In Decay – 2 large coffee table books. I love this kind of thing! Ok, maybe we’re both weird… 😜

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      1. Ah that’s amazing! I do think abandoned houses carry vibes from all the people that have inhabited them at some point. I do like the sound of those books! (And yeah, we are probably both weird 😝)

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  1. Tequila Mockingbird, eh? One of the best neo-Mexican tequilas. A bottle never to be abandoned. What sadness when the roof beams break, the windows crack, the snow comes tumbling in, and even the mice leave, because there’s no spare food for them to live off.

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      1. We drive past old, broken down barns, with the roofs stowed in by snow. Then there are the rusty tractors and plows that fade away by the roadside at the edges of fields. It’s the way I have been feeling, post enforced retirement: sad, old, lonely, rusty, unwanted, abandoned.

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  2. That’s very true, Meg. “Those days are past now and in the past they must remain.” I have rewritten the pages and now I am a full time writer, with new, and in most cases, much better friends. Rust desires the old iron framework and the joining of the two produces a new and beautiful combination. This is what poets turn into poetry.

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  3. Abandoned for what reason? Yes, there is a story there. Many times the children leave, and the parents decide to leave also. No one else moves in, and the house is abandoned, and looks it. Young couples, looking for a good buy, might offer to buy the house, and it doesn’t take much to make it beautiful again.!

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    1. This one is likely a case of ’eminent domain’ where the property was bought by a company for use of the land and the structure was allowed to deteriorate. I fear it’s beyond hope. However other places can be saved with time and care! Thanks for your comment!

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