True Romance

Things that sparkle, things that shine
Candles, moonlight, fire, and wine
But all I need
Is you with me
True romance is a state of mind

I don’t need to be showered with presents. I don’t need fancy restaurants or a night on the town. I need his attention, his kiss, his laughter. I want to talk about important things. I want his secrets, I’ll give him mine. It can be simple or complicated, either way is fine.

Here’s another artist from my part of the world – Bucks County, PA: singer-songwriter Christina Perri, with this sweetly romantic song – The Words. (Starring the beautiful Colin O’Donaghue.)

37 thoughts on “True Romance

      1. I don’t always cast actors… I often cast random models or whoever shows up when I do a search. I kind of like having people who I know nothing about. It stops me from associating them with a particular past role. I have association issues! For god’s sake, I can’t look at Bradley Cooper without seeing Rocket Raccoon… who of course, looks nothing like him as Rocket is a CG alien raccoon-type thing… Hahahaha!

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      2. Oh no! Poor Bradley! Him and his wavy hair and his blue eyes – dreamy! And he’s funny too. I don’t always cast actors either, sometimes musicians and sports stars as well.

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  1. So true Meg. Presents and fancy stuff can be fun but it is meaningless to me unless there is real intimacy and connection. Love the song and Colin O’Donaghue is just dreamy.

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