Wordless Wednesday – Matryoshka Dolls

Photo my own… the dolls too

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Matryoshka Dolls

  1. My grandparents (mom’s side) were Ukrainian… (so of course, my mom is, too)… and my grandparents had at least 5 or 6 sets in a glass case at their house… when I was little my sisters and I were always stealing them to play with.

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      1. Yeah… the ones my grandparents had were from Ukraine… I think my mom has them now. Gram and Gramps and Mom were all born over there… well, my mom was born in Germany on a pit-stop from Ukraine to the US. (Scandalously, a year before my grandparents got married…)

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      2. She does… but I believe they are packed up in a box. Gram died about 3 years ago… and we spent a lot of time going through her house… lots of things collected… I have a box of Ukrainian eggs… all sorts of things…

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