Wordless Wednesday – Sculpture

Photo my own: 

Man Losing His Mind – Walnut St. Philadelphia 

36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sculpture

  1. That’s awesome.
    I love when I stumble upon art pieces that stand out in the middle of our everyday existence. Bringing the museum to the streets.

    Hope you’ve been well.
    Have a great day โ˜บ

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      1. That happens to me all the time. I’ll walk into a room I’ve been in a hundred times then be amazed at some little detail I’ve missed all along.

        It happens with movies too. Always notice something new the more I watch. โ˜บ

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    1. It really is! I have walked past this thing 100 times. The weird thing is you have to walk around it to the side away from the street to see what it is. I’d never noticed before. But its really is cool!

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