Neither in fame, nor fortune, nor men put your trust
For as weather and time turn metal to rust
The things of this earth
Begin to die straight from birth
Return ashes to ashes and dust to dust

In response to Mind and Life Matters weekly limerick challenge.

55 thoughts on “Trust

  1. But you’ve got to trust someone… right? Fame and fortune… sure… probably shouldn’t trust those. (Although I would trust my fortune… if I had one.) But I think trust in others… well… you may find trusting was a mistake with some (and God knows I’ve made some poor decisions…), but never trusting anyone at all is worse. I think anyway. Gotta take a few chances. Hell, at least a solid 80-90% of the time, I’m lonely as f-ck… but if I trusted no one, I think I’d be lonely 100% of the time. And this is coming from me. Queen of Darkness. πŸ˜€

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    1. I thought about making that line ‘nor trust Kings’ instead of ‘men,’ but it felt clumsy. This poem is far more cynical than I feel in reality. I can’t seem to lift the gloom from my writing!

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  2. Sombre maybe. Great yes! Love it.

    Dear Doctor Meg is not so bad, she’s really not a drinker.
    She likes to read, and write, and dream, she’s much more of a thinker.
    So, if my readers were mislead, I say, on bended knee
    Apologies, a thousand fold to Doctor Meg from me!

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