From The Night Manager – a line I love.

Jed Marshall (image via twitter)

“I don’t care who sees me naked. I do care who sees me crying.” 

48 thoughts on “From The Night Manager – a line I love.

    1. No I can’t take credit! The character Jed Marshall says that line when someone walks in on her naked and crying. He apologizes for seeing her naked and she responds with that line. I just love it. It speaks volumes.


  1. Beware! Someone might be tempted to fire up the purple prose-inator and offer up the poetry-leaning blend ‘naked tears’, which, depending on your degree of liking or not for such extravagances, is likely to leave the unsuspecting reader with a prolonged case of the groans or on the other hand guarantee there’s not a dry eye in the house.

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  2. Cool line bearing a lot of meaning. And yet I must care about both. “Punjabi men don’t cry,” is what I’ve heard since my childhood, and if were seen crying, I’d be ousted out of the community. “A Punjabi Lion crying? He must be an impostor!” they’d shout and tell me that I wasn’t worthy of being a Punjabi. And if I went naked, I’d be arrested for indecent exposure – and then I’d have to plead mental instability.

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  3. It’s a great line, and I thought The Night Manager was a brilliant series. Actors – sensational.
    The line was perfect for the role of the gorgeous “girlfriend” of Hugh Laurie. So we must credit the writers!

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