Creeping vines crumble the plaster walls
Dust motes waft in beams through the open ceiling
Cracked marble floors in the once grand halls
Where orchestras performed waltzes for the season

And where ladies danced in silken gowns
Spread rusty stains from dripping water
Now the molding carpet with rain is drowned
A priceless Persian, now in tatters

The chandeliers no longer light the cavernous ruin
With stairways wrecked and railings collapsed
Gilded fixtures flaked and broken
And the floor beneath windows littered with glass

The realm where rats and bats and spiders lurk
And at the sound of footsteps scurry away
The flash of light invades the dark
As the artist’s camera finds beauty in decay

Beauty In Decay – G Haskew Photography

I love this series of photographs and the whole Urban Exploration project. Project? I’m not even sure what to call it. The collection of photographs of abandoned structures and objects is absolutely stunning. You can find some of the photography on line by googling “beauty in decay” or you can find the collection in a set of gorgeous coffee table books.

35 thoughts on “Abandoned 

  1. Your words go beautifully with the photograph! So nicely done. I love these kinds of photos as well. I follow a blog on another site that posts them. Their stories are so intriguing!

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  2. I love places like this. I’ve got a few sites bookmarked. Just fascinates me. There was an abandoned mental hospital not far from me and we explored a bit (before we had kids… and well, illegally). It was amazing and fascinating and just really beautiful. And soon after, they leveled it and built condos. Which makes me so sad.

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