Sorry Madeira, bad timing

Week 27 in the Year of Drinking Adventurtously. Madeira.

I skipped this week. I only managed to scan the chapter. The long holiday weekend was jam packed with activity and I just ran out of time. One little bit of information I found interesting is that July 1st is Madeira Day — the day in 1976 when Portugal granted autonomy to the Madeira archipelago. That was the connection the author made for this time of the year. Still, the fortified wine seems like a better choice for cooler weather…

Nevertheless, my crowded social calendar this weekend did present plenty of opportunity for adventurous drinking. The exception being the baby shower I attended on Sunday afternoon.  This is the final one of the round of three I’ve attended in the the last 5 months. Must be something in the water here in Bucks County.

The childless woman at a baby shower is a lonely woman indeed. The grandmothers and mothers, the young women already thinking ahead… All the talk is about babies. I have nothing to contribute to the conversation at all.  It’s hard to muster enthusiasm for little pink dresses and onesies, tiny quilts and stuffed animals, bottles and breast pumps when that’s never been part of your life. So you sit awkwardly, smiling and pretending while the gifts are opened. Wishing you had that glass of Madeira after all…

Go see how Lula enjoyed her Madeira. I bet she fared better than I did!


41 thoughts on “Sorry Madeira, bad timing

    1. Thanks, Al… I realize that, but it’s so weird being the odd “man” out at these things. I’m just glad that’s the last of them for a while. Baby number one was born in the spring and I get to play Aunt Meg a lot. So that’s pretty cool…

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  1. I’d want that glass of Madeira at a baby shower too, whether I had kids or not. Our showers wee coed. Not sure how I got sucked into that. Anything with alcohol would’ve been welcomed. 😃

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    1. Haha! Yes, the coed showers are always better (for me)! And they almost always have drinks at those. And better food. Women are all fancy pants-ish at these things. Basil infused strawberries, what the hell is that? 😀

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    1. I hope I don’t come across as a lush! I am moderate in habits, but adventurous in type. Half the fun of this is “visiting” the countries of origin. I have a serious case of wanderlust!


  2. I’ll agree with Rita, you are a soul mother! You see the things many would miss, the things he heart speaks, not necessarily with words. What better a person to have as an Auntie than that?


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  3. Hey – I’m a Mom of 3 and I absolutely HATE Baby Showers! Despise them. First off, they are BORING, and entirely too long. The stupid games, all the excess crap that is neither needed nor used. Yeah. If I could have had a stand-in for mine, I totally would have. Next time, bring your own ‘sippy’ cup to keep you company. That’s my plan. Though more likely with a Screwdriver vs. Madiera! 🙂

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      1. I have no clue who came up with that shit, but someone needs a Baby Shower intervention! They are way too over the top. Blah. Pass the flask. 🙂

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  4. Social Life – yea, I wish I got more of that! I had my little boy very young (not that I am complaining – he is the love of my life :D) which put a damper on that thing you called social life for many years! SO yea, I do envy you 😛
    Now, I know why my sister insisted on a coed baby shower with lots of booze, she didn’t want people calling her shower boring 😀 😀

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  5. All of my showers have been co-ed.

    Wow, that came out wrong.

    But you know… first, I agree with Al. Love my kids but often imagine joy in childlessness. And second… I hate baby showers, wedding showers… all of them. Even MINE. I couldn’t wait for them to be over!

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  6. An alcoholic drinks sounds nice right about now. I need a girls night out. Long over due 😁


  7. I understand the pass and the shower. I always think my dog did that… Yep, that too… And that one…

    Why do I need to pay for prepschool and college when I have a kid that talks back, keeps me up at night, trips to the emergency room, barfs before I’m walking out the door dressed for a party, tells me all about her day when I walk in the door, constantly asks what for dinner, can I have a cookie now…

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