I’ve been interviewed!

I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed by the wonderful Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha! Make sure to check out her first published book of poetry!

“Meet The admirable, intelligent and beautiful, Dr. Meg Sorick. My girl writer friend with a flair.”

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Dr. Meg Sorick is a blogger, published writer, and friend that I admire a great deal.

She’s full of motivating drive and a great sense of humour. From her limericks, stories, insights to writing, life, the fascinating series that she’s writing with fictional Kevin and so much more, her intelligence and friendliness shines through.

We’ve interacted almost as long as my blogging time in this space and I’ve totally enjoyed her support and learnt quite a lot from Meg’s writings. She’s on my list of blogger friends I would love to meet and have real face time with 🙂

The questions I asked her are: To tell us a bit more about herself, her working life, her blog and future outlook for blog and writing.

Thank you for letting us into your World Meg. We wish you well in all your writing endeavours.


I am a chiropractor – thus the “Doctor” Meg…

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15 thoughts on “I’ve been interviewed!

  1. Very cool interview! And I’m so impressed with your social media time management skills!! 🙂 And of course, the writing of novels, poems, etc! ❤ And I also need to make sure to see Philly someday.

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