Top Ten Tuesday… Bucket list!

Here’s something I haven’t done in a while! Or maybe ever, I can’t remember.  And since I botched Toast Tuesday…

These are the top 10 things on my bucket list:

1. Party with Dave Grohl. Like, go to his house, swim in his pool and listen to him play music with his friends in his private studio. With the sound board from Sound City. Seriously…. Did you all see that documentary? So cool!
2. Caddy for Alice Cooper. Yep, the godfather of shock rock is an avid golfer. What the hell, right? Goofy plaid pants, pastel polo shirt wearing Alice Cooper. Bloody hilarious! So I actually golf… Badly, mind you, but I could haul Alice’s clubs around Pebble Beach for sure!
3. Be Bryan Ferry‘s backup singer. All I need is a black sequined dress, and two actual backup singers to flank me on either side. I got moves! Fake it till you make it, baby!
4. Be The Doctor’s companion. As in Doctor Who… timelord, TARDIS traveling all of time and space… I’d need my own sonic screwdriver, though…
5. Sit courtside at the NCAÂ Men’s Basketball Championship. In a year when Villanova wins it all… like this past year!
6. Take singing lessons from a professional. No kidding, my opera voice is for real…
7. Have a meaningful conversation with former president Jimmy Carter. I really think Mr. Carter is underappreciated as a statesman, a diplomat, and a scholar. If you have the chance to read any of his published works, I encourage you to do so.
8. Make it to ‘the red chair’ on Graham Norton. My stories would let me walk!
9. Invent a time machine, go back and give my impressionable, teenage self some decent advice. Er… actually see number 4.
10. Acquire a whole crapload of money (legally, of course…) and find a way to get all of you lovely people in one place for an epic party!

84 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday… Bucket list!

  1. I like the variety here, from Dave Grohl to Doctor Who to Jimmy Carter. I’m sure you’d have memorable times with all of them!

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      1. I wouldn’t say scatterbrained — I think your list shows that you have a variety of interests. And that makes it interesting.

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      2. August is fine. Some of the good folks on WP call me A or AM or Auggie. It’s a pen name, so it’s been fun to see the variations that people come up with.

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    1. Is that Kathleen Turner? I vaguely remember it… But yes I’d always choose to go back and fix things! Even though that would probably result in some catastrophic time paradox and destroy the world… Eh. maybe I better rethink that one…

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  2. I’m down with numbers 5 and 7, with my beloved Cards playing for the title, of course. But Jimmy Carter? Under appreciated is a great way to describe him. He’s fantastic, brilliant, and an amazing humanitarian.

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      1. His work with Habitat is enough for me, but there’s so much more. I like that he does with little or no fanfare. And caddying for Alice Cooper would be awesome! Playing Pebble Beach is a bucket list item for me. It’s public, ya know. Anyone can play it…for a price. It’s worth whatever they charge now. 😃

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  3. Can I join you for #1?? #3 – I got your back… I can do that (I used to do that! But not for Bryan Ferry…) #4 – you know I’m on board with this one! And of course #9 as well… my younger self needs a truckload of good advice! For #10, I’ll need to wear a bag over my head to protect my anonymity. But that sounds uncomfortable… so I will likely have to expose my beauty to the world. Aahhhahaha… I crack myself up.

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      1. Thanks! I slept in for 3 hours (got up at 8) read a little bit, and started on lessons for next year. August 19 will be here soon, and I’m overhauling one class by choice (World History) and two classes by necessity (American History II and Civics [formerly Government & Economics]).

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    1. There’s an episode from a while back with Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant that was laugh out loud hilarious. She is hysterically funny! The time they had David Tennant and Matt Smith on together was pretty awesome too! But sometimes I love it even when I don’t know the guests… Jack Whitehall for instance


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