All the pretty words rattle and quiver
They shake the walls
They make you shiver

Bless the words and damn the silence
Bless the inkwell
Damn the blankness

The words are dark, infinite, endless
You choose the words
You choose to be friendless

To shrink from the touch of another human
Embrace the solitude
Embrace your own ruin

The words form a precipice on which you hover
The chasm is yawning
Seductive as a lover

For to lose those words is worse than death
A writer would write
Than save his last breath

35 thoughts on “Words

  1. Some powerful words! I can relate… Being on an office, forced to be with people all day, every day, you cherish alone time for writing. Love it!

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  2. Well I’d say that about sums it up!! Accurate, we must find that balance between writing and the rest of our life!! Hope you had a very restful, rejuvenating vacation!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh I can relate… When I’m writing the house could burn down around me. H fortunately (or unfortunately) has brought it to my attention repeatedly. The sad truth is that I write what I wish, not what is… And I know you know how that feels.

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      1. I wonder how much it would cost to have our own virtual reality worlds created so we can just put those ridiculous things on over our eyes and be there… whenever we want. Yeah, I’ll contact Iron Man. Maybe he can hook us up.

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      2. Ooooh, speaking of Iron Man! Saw Captain America today! Did you see it yet? I loved it. H not so much. (Come on!) If not Tony, maybe a Star Trek holodeck. That would be cool…

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      3. OMG. I swear to God… I saw it TODAY also. My husband, my son and me. My daughter was not into it… she hung out with my father-in-law.

        There were some really awesome parts, but overall, it kind of depressed me! I don’t like the fighting amongst themselves… and I thought Falcon should have felt a lot worse for what he did to Rhodey!

        And I gotta say, local boy or not… Cap’ has never been my favorite. I love Tony. And Thor (yum)… but we didn’t get him this time… πŸ™‚

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      4. I kind of liked the infighting. And I totally have a girl crush on Scarlett Johansen! LOL! But yeah, about Falcon… And what are they calling Wanda? I thought she was The Scarlett Witch… Cap isn’t my favorite either, but I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear I’m Team Loki! (Come to the dark side!) πŸ˜€ And please, are they really rebooting Spider Man AGAIN?!? Stooooop!

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      5. Hahaha… I know… I liked Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. But yeah… 3rd time. Crazy.

        I think the infighting just made me sad. I like them so much better as a team. Most of the time I hate the female characters… they’re too perfect and make me feel like a troll. LOL. Oh, I love Loki, too. Of course! But Thor… when you get the gratuitous shirtless shot? Daaaaamn. (And I do not usually go for blonds…) πŸ˜€

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      6. I am dying to see what happens next. I think a Thor movie is the next in line, (hoping for Loki!) Well, besides Dr. Strange but that’s not an Avengers story I don’t think. Chris Hemsworth is quite the specimen!

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