Poor planning is the key to flexibility!

Week 14 in the Year of Drinking Adventurously! Shochu. …And its a fail!

If y’all (I swear I’m catching this accent from my Southern friends) remember, I got pretty sick last week. From Wednesday through the weekend, I was out of commission with the flu. I canceled all my appointments, I barely did any writing – thank goodness I had some stuff prepared ahead of time for the A to Z challenge. And needless to say, I didn’t get out of the house to buy “booze of the week” Shochu.  If I’d just bought the stuff the week before when I got the saké…  Like I said, poor planning.  I’m going to have to send you to Lula for her take on the “yellow liquor” –another Japanese offering this week.

So since I can’t report on shochu, I thought we could talk about Godzilla…  Just kidding!  I’m going to update you on the home brewing operation at Radioactive Monsters Brewing Company —aka my kitchen.  But that’s what we’re going to call it now that the first two brews: The Belgian Blonde and the English Ale are kicked.

First up: King Kong Kolsche. A Kolsche is a classic style of ale that originated in Cologne, Germany. It has a clean, pure malt flavor with mild bitterness, subtle fruit notes and a crisp finish. It isn’t a high ABV (alcohol by volume) brew so it’s perfect for summer drinking by the pool. This is what we would refer to as a “session” beer!


Next: The long anticipated —wait for it— RODAN RED! (Here’s your beer, Rob!) The Rodan Red is an Irish Ale. Look at the beautiful color:


Oh, it turned out so nice…  Full of flavor, slightly bitter finish… Put both of these brews in the win column.  And speaking of win, how about those Villanova Wildcats?!?  More about them in another post!

So sorry about the shochu fail, guys!  Next week, I promise to do better!

33 thoughts on “Poor planning is the key to flexibility!

  1. What Diane said…. The red one looks pretty. (But as you probably remember, I won’t drink it…lol)

    My son is sick now, too, so I’m hoping I’m not next, but it’s not like I stop hugging and kissing the kid! 🙂

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