Ready to “Run For It?” Book Three is Out!

After a lot of hard work, an actual editor’s polishing, and a professional cover design, Book Three of The Bucks County series is here!  This is Joni and Graham’s story.  Even if you haven’t read the first two books of the series, you will recognize Graham from the prequel short stories: Lips Like Sugar and Dear Mr. Fantasy that appeared in Sunday’s Song Lyric in the last couple months. Run For It is available in print and e-book on Amazon.  You can find it here.  I hope you all will enjoy:


Joni Cooper is in the best shape of her life. In fact, she’s training for the Boston Marathon. So why does she feel like the last kid picked for the team? Mostly because her two best friends have fallen in love with a pair of handsome brothers. It looks like she’s stuck with the third and final brother, Graham, as an escort for both weddings. Even though Graham is gorgeous and successful, he’s also irritating as sin. Will the two of them manage to call a truce until the two couples are married? Or will the sparks these two generate erupt into a five alarm fire?

56 thoughts on “Ready to “Run For It?” Book Three is Out!

  1. Congratulations! I wish you nothing but success with this latest project! I’m sure you feel like running through the streets of town shouting, “Hooray!” But it’s a bit chilly out there, so I would recommend simply opening a window and shouting from there! I hope you sell a million copies, Meg!

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      1. And now, since you are obviously a woman of many talents, you’re going to tell me you knitted the scarf yourself— correct? hahaha
        I haven’t forgotten, and I would still love to have you “guest post” on my website. Now that the holidays are behind us, we should be able to make that happen. I’ll be in touch.

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  2. Congrats Meg! I’ve just started down the road of self-publishing and am trying to read up on the best way to move forward with my debut project. I may be checking in with you for a tip or two along the way. In the interim best of luck to you as your series “runs” on!

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