Love – A Limerick

He held her close, he dried her tears

He kissed her forehead, calmed her fears

When for the first time,  home he brought her

He lost his heart to his newborn daughter

And vowed to love her all his years


For this week’s Mind and Life Matters limerick challenge. 

42 thoughts on “Love – A Limerick

  1. Written from the emotions only a parent can truly understand. We should consider asking the media to end their “news” reporting with limericks such as this. Maybe then it would be worth watching the news and having something to look forward to hearing! Well done, fellow chiropractor.

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  2. Beautiful! Heart-touching. Again, reminded me of an FB update by the same friend. It was I lost my heart to this girl and she calls me Daddy! Your’s is such a beautiful version. It’s only in the end that yo realise they are not two adults but a beautiful cherubic angelic new born.

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  3. well, that’s it then. after similarity no. 4. (reader and writer, name given by grammy, daddy’s girl and mama’s pet, officially the youngest and the oldest child) I officially declare myself your pupil/trainee/apprentice/protege. so whether you want one or not, you now have a stalker/fan/shadow person. HA!! 🙂
    Just hope to write as well as you do and get published soon 🙂 *fingers crossed* 🙂

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