Totally irresistible!


The Cyberhug Award

Just when I thought I had sworn off awards forever, Rashmi of Mind and Life Matters nominated me for this adorable and thoughtful award.  She and I met during Blogging University and have been friends ever since.  She is a hardworking single mom, talented writer, and brilliant techie! (Not official title of her job description, I believe it’s actually analyst, but I have no idea what that means!) Her wonderful blog is inspiring in both matters of the mind and life.  She speaks with authority as one who escaped an abusive relationship and put her life back together to successfully raise her son.  Her positive and sunny outlook is infectious!  I am absolutely privileged to call her my friend!  Please go and check out her blog! So here are the rules of the award.

The Award Rules:

  • Anyone who’s human (and cats, I’ll accept cats although they don’t really like being squeezed much).
  • Submit a small paragraph on why they need a hug
  • Provide their email address and/or their url.
  • When you’re nominated, you must in turn nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Winners (that would be everyone that’s nominated) will get an Official Cyberhug Award Certificate through email. Display it or the Official Seal on your website (impress your friends!), or possibly even print it out if you’re really lonely.
  • Successful Nominees will be eligible to enter the draw to win a truly special set of 3 Cyberhug Gift Certificates for free hugs (how good is that?!). Priority will be given to those who have either gone above and beyond to help people out, are amazing, or need more than one hug.
  • The Draw shall be announced each week on a day of my choosing (depending if I get out of bed or not), or another day or just when the mood takes me.

My nominee:

Arpita from It’s Arpita’s Life.  She is a 20 something lawyer from India who travels a lot and shares her wonderful wanderings with the rest of us.  She has recently embraced a minimalist lifestyle and is chronicling the experience.  I would like to send Arpita a hug for being so supportive to me as a new writer!  She featured my debut novel as her book of the month for November, she has tweeted about it and always has such positive things to say.  People like Arpita can make your day when you’re feeling discouraged!  Hugs to you, my dear!

I know this is a busy time for her, but I hope she decides to accept the award and keep the ball rolling!

13 thoughts on “Totally irresistible!

  1. Thank you for accepting the award and passing it on to such a deserving candidate! 🙂
    And also for that amazing introduction 😀
    My official job title is Systems Analyst which in layman’s terms is techie, so I will accept that! Hahaha

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