The Megster Award (for not playing by the rules!) And a round of thanks!

Recently, actually, not that recently, I’m just really late in responding 😦 I was nominated for four awards:  The Infiniti Blogger Award and The Creative Blogger Award by Anand from blabberwockying,  The Blogger Recognition Award by paradoxicalsprite and The Liebster Award by DirtySciFiBuddah.  Thank you all for nominating me!  I am about to break the rules in a major way.  I forget what all I’m supposed to do to accept these awards and frankly, I’m too lazy to go look it up!  I know I’m supposed to answer some questions and then pay it forward to help my blogging buddies get some recognition.  So I’m going to just wing it here and tell you 5 things you don’t know about me and give you 4 awesome blogs to check out!  We’ll call this The Megster Award!

5 things you don’t know about me:

  1. Every time I laugh, I cry.  Seriously, my tear ducts just kick in every time I laugh.  It’s hard for me to wear mascara!
  2. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life.  Which, now you know, means I don’t have any kids.  Not that I don’t like them, I do.  I just never thought I’d be a very good parent.  I am, however, an awesome Auntie!  (everybody needs a crazy aunt in their family!)
  3. As for my blog title:  Meg Sorick writes better than she dresses, I don’t actually dress that badly, just boring.  My wardrobe is mostly black, grey and the occasional navy blue.  I am not exaggerating when I say I have about 10 black cardigan sweaters.  I always say I’d do well in an environment where someone else told me how to dress.  You know, like prison.
  4. I love to cook!  But not fancy gourmet stuff.  My home is where you come for beer on tap, home made pizza -which we have perfected, and some pretty righteous barbecue.
  5. I am a runner.  A very slow runner.  I don’t enter races, just run for exercise and the high that comes with it.  And the extra beer and dessert it affords me!

Now here are some awesome people to check out, besides my fabulous nominators:

Lula Harp

DS McKnight



I’m not going to ask them to answer questions, but if they’d like to pass on any of the awards I mentioned above and they can figure out how to do it the right way, I say go for it!

20 thoughts on “The Megster Award (for not playing by the rules!) And a round of thanks!

  1. Wow! This post is so entertaining and creative.

    I really enjoyed reading everything about you. I would like to see you laugh(cry) 😛

    Crazy auntie? LOL 😀

    Congratulations, Meg and have a lovely day ahead.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. This was a good awards post! I have been holdin goff on posting the awards one because I dont want to do a separate post for each one, I guess I will follow suit and do one post for all of ’em! 😀
    BTW, I love pizza and beer, just saying! 😛

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  3. Every time I get one of those nominations, my first thought is crap, now I have to figure out how to link all this stuff together and it’s hard enough on just a regular post for me! My second thought is I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars, you know, you like me, you really like me! And right now I’m so behind on books, I have 13 at NetGalley and yours to read, so I think I like your award the best and I’ll go with the very loose interpretation.
    P.S. Meg, very slow running is called walking.

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  4. Love this idea! The awards confuse the heck out of me. (Your blog looks really funny and interesting, esp. the indie author part — will look forward to exploring soon!)

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