Preview of coming attractions!

My new book is about to go live on Amazon!  Here’s the synopsis!

The book is called Seeing Red and is the second in the series I’m writing.  Stay tuned for more news!

Beautiful, hardworking, Desdemona Murray doesn’t see herself the way others do. She only remembers the awkward teenager she once was. The talented landscape designer is hired to install a custom deck at the home of star football player, Ethan Samuels. When she catches the eye of the handsome professional athlete, and he begins to pursue her relentlessly, she is at first, flattered and amazed. However, her heart belongs to a man whom she believes only considers her a friend. Adam Quinn has always been a ladies man, not one to settle down, or so she thinks. Little does she know his feelings for her run much deeper. When Des finally sees both men for who they really are, the choice she must make is obvious. But when she chooses, Des finds out how dangerous it can be to break free from a man who can’t take no for an answer.

38 thoughts on “Preview of coming attractions!

  1. Oh wow! I got excited the moment I read “Synopsis…..” Cant wait for this book to hit Amazon, will be the first to buy it!
    Anyway that I can get a signed copy my dear author? 😛
    Wouldnt mind the 3 hours drive to PA….hahahaha 😀

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  2. Sounds good to me hope to see it on amazon soon. Are you doing everything yourself like i did with my childrens books or are you having some one to do the cover and publish it for you?

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      1. I did too, but i would have preffered it to have been better, there were one or two seperations of words where they were not meant to be when it was complete. Other than that i was delighted with them. 0f course i did them a few years ago when e books on amazon had only just started, it may have improved now and i hope i will have learned from it too,i am not sure if it might have been my own fault arranging words etc is so important to get it right.

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      2. 0k a lot of books i have written suit different age groups, if he is 7 try my Fran and the spider. by jane bailey on amazon ebooks it is a short funny story hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

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      3. I should pick your brain on how you do all that! I actually have a lot of questions on the writing side too. I have started working on my first novel and I am getting so overwhelmed trying to manage writing and the other stuff! How do you do it? Maybe you can write a post about it, would help a lot of people, especially me for sure! 🙂

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  3. Sounds great Meg! Believe it or not, I just finished “Three Empty Frames” while eating lunch today! I really enjoyed it. When I read in one of your posts (or maybe in your bio) that it would be part of a series, I wondered if the other books would be about Des and Joni. 😉
    I bought my copy for my kindle, but I should have bought the actual book so I could send it to you and have you sign it. I may still do that. Write on girl! You’re an inspiration!

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