Male Writers Hide Their Gender

Writers, what do you think about this?

One thought on “Male Writers Hide Their Gender

  1. I think that if your viewpoint character is of a particular gender and your target audience is of the same gender, then it could help to have your pen name be the same one. Otherwise, issues of gender identity get in the way of the story and the marketing of the book. In fact, I have toyed with using a female pen name when I write my first fiction, as the story that is taking up so much space in my head would be best told from the point of few of the women involved. Right now, I am working on nonfiction, so it may be quite a while before I have to make that decision. I do know that erotica seems to be very hot genre in the ebook market and, while most of the writers have female names and bios, I am not convinced that more than half of them are actually female.

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