I love the bad guy.

Is that bad?  As I developed my main character, a young woman facing the oncoming storm of events that make up my plot, I found myself enjoying the story of the bad guy more.  “Now what?”  I think to myself.  A handsome criminal, his European ancestry, his family in France and The Czech Republic.  Way more interesting than my heroine.  I’ve spent far more time researching him, after all I know what it’s like to be an American female.  I don’t know what it’s like to be a dashing,  international art smuggler.  I find myself wanting to let him get away.  Maybe he gets a book all to himself.  Hmmm.

4 thoughts on “I love the bad guy.

  1. It happened with me once. When your bad guy has a strong reason to have become the bad guy, you develop a soft spot for him. At least that’s what happened with me – but then I am not really a serious writer – not so far.

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    1. Yes! He’s one of those characters that could be a hero given different circumstances? I had a really hard time not redeeming him completely. However, in the end, if I ever choose to pursue his story, there is room for him to turn around!

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      1. Absolutely. A hero hidden inside a villain – and those kind of heroes are better-loved too. I guess it’s some sort of internal sub-conscious math that makes the readers realize that going from negative to positive is a greater, more heroic feat.

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