Starting to write

I have always loved to read. Like many avid readers, I wished I could write as well.  This year I decided to give it a shot.  I figured I would start with a short story and see how that went.  My first story went nowhere mostly because I was trying to write about something that I knew nothing about.  Scrap that one.  I started over and kept it simple at first.  As I wrote, inspiration began to kick in.  I am over 100 pages in and developing my story into a full length book.  Maybe no one else will like it.  Maybe they will.  At least its an attempt.  I’ve hit the wall with it a couple of times but decided to push through.  Sometimes by writing anything, even if it was nonsense, I was able to works out the problem with my story and keep going.  I’m learning to be patient and to not hang onto ideas that while exciting to write, don’t really work in the plot.  I recently read a quote from Joss Whedon who basically said sometimes to work out the story you have to rip out your favorite scene.  I am finding that is true.  What I want the characters to do and what makes sense for them to do, aren’t always the same thing.  So I keep going.  How the final result will turn out?  We’ll see!

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