The Year of Drawing Adventurously – Week 11: Favorite Place

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

For those of you who know me, this will not be a surprise. I have multiple drawings for this week because I’ve been drawing Ireland for more than a year. I did do one new sketch for the week so as not to cheat on the challenge but the rest are from the last three trips made over the past 18 months. They are; The docks on Galway Bay, Polnabroun Neolithic portal tomb in The Burren, Rockfleet: Grace O’Malley’s castle, and finally the Skellig Islands off the coast of Kerry.

One year of 🎂

Since I started drawing, I’ve also started following more artists both here and on other social media sites. One of my favorite finds has been Steve Kidd who’s also a self taught artist. He works in pencil and ink and recently began painting like me, though he’s doing watercolor and makes me look like a finger-painting toddler! Anyway, I’d love for you all to visit and follow Steve on his one year blogging anniversary! Congratulations, Steve!

Steve Kidd Art

Amazingly (to me) it’s been a year since I setup this website and a hashtag #stevekiddart on the social media channels.

It was around 4-5 years after I started to teach myself to draw from no background in art whatsoever, I could barely draw a stick man at that point and was one of the many people that would say “oh no, I can’t draw, I’m not talented at all”.

Well, I’d still agree with my former self that I don’t have any natural in-bred talent – but I have learnt a skill through practice and determination. Art is now an inherent part of my life which I simply wouldn’t do without now.

This blog will probably be read more by artists I guess, but if by chance you’re one of those people that says “oh no, I can’t draw, I’m not talented at all” – you absolutely CAN. I…

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