One year of 🎂

Since I started drawing, I’ve also started following more artists both here and on other social media sites. One of my favorite finds has been Steve Kidd who’s also a self taught artist. He works in pencil and ink and recently began painting like me, though he’s doing watercolor and makes me look like a finger-painting toddler! Anyway, I’d love for you all to visit and follow Steve on his one year blogging anniversary! Congratulations, Steve!

Steve Kidd Art

Amazingly (to me) it’s been a year since I setup this website and a hashtag #stevekiddart on the social media channels.

It was around 4-5 years after I started to teach myself to draw from no background in art whatsoever, I could barely draw a stick man at that point and was one of the many people that would say “oh no, I can’t draw, I’m not talented at all”.

Well, I’d still agree with my former self that I don’t have any natural in-bred talent – but I have learnt a skill through practice and determination. Art is now an inherent part of my life which I simply wouldn’t do without now.

This blog will probably be read more by artists I guess, but if by chance you’re one of those people that says “oh no, I can’t draw, I’m not talented at all” – you absolutely CAN. I…

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2018 The Year Of Drawing Adventurously Chart

I am using this chart as a guide for a drawing a week in 2018. I posted my first one yesterday. While I don’t really intend to host a challenge, if anyone is interested in drawing along with me, I’d love to see how you interpret these prompts. I will be posting my drawings on Sundays.