Drawing Adventurously (20)

This is two days late AND I’ve had a very busy week and no time to draw. I started my ‘down on the farm’ drawing but it’s far from finished. Alas, I’m posting a couple of older drawings which fulfill the theme. My favorite ones of course are Beach’s donkeys Ticky and Tacky!

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously 2019 (20) Theme

A biweekly challenge for a total of 26 drawings this year.

It’s the busy season if you’re a farmer. The harvest is in full swing. Putting away the silage for winter, gathering in the crops to feed us all year round, putting up the fruits in canning jars, and drying, freezing or otherwise preserving all the fruits and vegetables grown this year. That’s why this time around, the theme for the challenge is:

“Down on the farm”

Drawing Adventurously (19)

I feel like ‘back to school’ time has been going on forever… like it started in early July. My idea for this challenge was to draw a relic from the American past: a one room school house. Get it? “Back” to school? Of course I procrastinated and had to hurry to finish so it doesn’t have the detail and polish I wanted to give it. This might be one I continue to work on. Anyway, here is my one room school house, based on a real one that still stands in Indiana County in Pennsylvania: