Sketching from a photograph (8) David Gandy

I included an image of David Gandy at the end of my short story, Roll the Bones and few of you knew who he was. David ranks in the top 10 of Vogue’s list of most successful male models, in fact, number two behind Tyson Beckford. I came across his image in searching for subject matter for sketching. As you might imagine googling ‘male’ or ‘men’ and ‘photography’ yielded some … interesting … results. Nevertheless, when I happened upon the handsome Mr. Gandy, I thought he was just about perfect for sketching. Seriously, look at the facial structure. I bet even his fleshless skull is good looking. As you might imagine, I spent a lot of time trying to find just the right photo to sketch. A lot. Of time. I ended up making his eyes too big. Oh well… Here’s the result: