#tbt Arizona and New Mexico

I’ve had my head in research on The Great War for the past couple weeks and frankly, it’s bumming me out.  For a change, I thought I’d share some photos of a trip to the American Southwest.  I live in the Northeastern part of the USA, which is the complete opposite in climate and terrain.  Hope you enjoy the pics!  Cheers!


We stayed at a spa resort in Sedona called L’auberge, which in French translates to “the inn”.  This is our little casa.  And the restaurant at the spa where we ate one night.  I sampled the charcuterie plate including dried, cured bull testicles!!!
IMG_0562 IMG_0320


Hiking one of the many awesome trails in the Sedona area.

We drove north to the Grand Canyon.  After the helicopter tour of the south rim,


I had a chance to relax!  (Can you tell I have no fear of heights?)  And we drove this:  the Camaro SS model!  It was a lot of fun because…

The roads look like this!  Ahem, let’s just say, we traveled in excess of the speed limit!

Here’s more Grand Canyon:

    In the painted desert, we visited an ancient Native American settlement:IMG_0503

See the circular enclosure in the center the photo below?  Apparently Ancient Americans played some sort of ball game in this court!  Sports, it seems, is timeless!

Happy Thursday everyone!