Something so sweet…

Recently, I had one of those days. There was no special significance to that day but I found myself missing my father so badly. 

My father was a lawyer. He practiced estate and family law. The good kind of family law: adoptions, wills and trusts. The kind of law that takes care of people, doesn’t tear them apart.

Tonight, I met someone who was helped by my father. A man, who with his wife, adopted a baby boy 30 years ago. The man was so grateful for my father’s help, he named his baby boy for him!  The coincidences that led me to meeting this man are too convoluted to relate, but the fact that we crossed paths is truly amazing.

My father has a namesake. It is not my child – I have no children. And yet, my heart is so touched right now. I feel like I’ve been given a little gift. Knowing how much he meant to someone- to name their child for him.  It’s something so sweet.