Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography 2019 (31)

The theme for Cee’s Black and White Challenge this week is signs.

A street in Penzance, Cornwall with my family name:

It pays to be polite in this pub in London:

A connection to home:

6 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography 2019 (31)

  1. Oh, so your maiden name is Jennings. What does your family name mean and what does Stret An Todn mean? Is that Welsh? I loved England. Everywhere you turn is history. And pub names supply the entertainment.

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    1. Yes, Jennings is my maiden name. It’s actually of Irish origin, anglicized, but means basically Son of John. Stret An Todn would be Cornish and I assume it’s Street of Jennings in that language. Welsh and Cornish are similar branches of the Gaelic language. We had a great time traveling all over England, too!


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