Drawing Adventurously (14)

The challenge this time was to draw ships or boats. My choice for the drawing is a traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay. This singled masted boat has one main sail and two foresails. Developed to sail the strong seas off the west coast of Ireland, here is my Galway Hooker:

9 thoughts on “Drawing Adventurously (14)

  1. Ah this is so nice Meg! Very beautifully drawn with details and shades, almost real. I tried a similar one too, taking a painting from one of my desk calenders but it has not come out well in terms of proportions and looks. I don’t know if you have seen this and the earlier posts of mine since you have been so busy relocating. Actually the painting in the calender has been done by a disabled person with his foot, imagine! And i really could not do justice to it and feel guilty about it. Anyway, hope you have settled in your new place by now . Post some photos of the new place for our benefit. Would love to see them.

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    1. Thank you, Prema! I will have to catch up with you soon. It has been extraordinarily busy trying to settle in. Not just to the new house but caring for all the relocation paperwork that changing country entails. I imagine the artist who painted the piece you drew from would be honored to have inspired you! That is an amazing accomplishment to paint with the foot! I have a hard enough time controlling a brush with my hands! What a talent! Anyway, i will make sure to visit soon! And thanks again!


      1. No problem Meg. Take your time. I can understand that a myriad things have to be taken care of when you relocate toanother country. And many things cannot wait and have to be attended to simultaneously. Good luck to that!

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