Painting (19) Enchanted Forest

I’ve painted a version of the black and white forest before and posted it. To my surprise and delight, someone liked it enough to ask for 3 more for a series.

36 thoughts on “Painting (19) Enchanted Forest

    1. Thank you! Well, you would think so… but I’ve been busier than ever! My mother had a failed cataract surgery and we’ve been dealing with that. Plus all the purging and organizing. I’m shredding documents like a shady accountant! 😂

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      1. Hahaha! Yeah, I kinda wish the previous basketball staff at UofL was as good as a shady accountant. Evidently, they really sucked ass at trying to cheat. I hate to say this, but we are totally screwed. Thanks Rick….asshole. 😡

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      2. Right, plus it punishes the student athletes who have nothing to do with the infractions. Just like Penn State and the Sandusky business. Fire the coaches, fire the administrators and bring in new people, but don’t take it out on the kids and the fans!

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      3. Yep. And the NCAA can’t even investigate until the FBI cases close, which could be 2 years or more. The kids playing then may not have even been in high school when all this nonsense took place. It’s not fair. They should ban coaches for life who commit these kinds of violations. Maybe that would be a deterrent.

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  1. These look so real! You never fail to amaze me Meg! I love them all and congratulations for getting an offer for the same. Many more will follow I am sure for both your writing and painting. Way to go!

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    1. Thank you, Prema! I’m thrilled someone liked the original enough to ask for more of them. I hope to continue to improve to the point that my art could sell either on line or in a small shop – we’ll see! I believe I have a long way to go!


      1. I am sure you can start selling your paintings online right now Meg! They are awesome and you are sure to find buyers on amazon or e bay. And you have a collection, haven’t you?

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