The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 39: Silhouette

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

My first inclination was to draw the silhouette of a person –a famous silhouette actually. Alfred Hitchcock. However, in writing my current series: Inhuman, I’ve been naming the enigmatic characters of the secret government organization after pieces on the chess board. So in keeping with that theme, here are my silhouettes:

14 thoughts on “The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 39: Silhouette

      1. Hahaha! Those guys in the parks will demoralize you.

        Yeah, I play. I’ve taught the boys too, and one of them is in their chess club too. I used to be able to kick all their butts, but they’ve caught up. 😃

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    1. Ah, thank you! Yes, my initial attempts were pretty bad. But I’ve kept at it because I am enjoying it so much. I was actually thinking that my last couple drawings were kind of lame! Lol! Anyway, thank you again!

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  1. Chess pieces! This is so good. My hubby plays chess very well even at 73 and he is quite sharp and enjoys it. I am not gifted in this area though. Alfred Hitchcock would also have been a very good choice. His face is so unique. You can still try it at your leisure!

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    1. Thanks Prema! I can play and I enjoy it but I’m not really good at it. A game like chess is good for keeping the mind active. All the planning for the next move. 😃 Yes, I’ll have to give Alfred a try sometime!


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