Broken Bread

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing some reading, some thinking regarding the novel in progress. Prior to this mulling over of things, I had a conversation within the comments of a post about putting this entire novel out on a blog –a novel which I will publish on Amazon when it is complete. The commenter was very surprised that I was posting it for all to read; after all isn’t the idea to get everyone to buy the book? And the answer to that of course is, yes. Therefore, I’ve come to some conclusions.

I consider my compensation all of your lovely comments and feedback. In posting it here, I have worked out some issues with the story and I do consider all of you my beta readers for this project. I will finish the novel here for all of you to read. It would be rather rotten of me to stop now, with only the last loose threads to stitch up. However, little by little, I am going to begin deleting the older excerpts and eventually the page. By the time Breaking Bread is finished, there will be nothing left but crumbs. I am very appreciative of all your support and helpful comments. Thanks a million times over.


37 thoughts on “Broken Bread

  1. I think we’ve all enjoyed the journey with you Meg and you’ve probably inspired a few readers to greater efforts with their own writing. We’ve all enjoyed speculating on who was doing what to whom, and where you were going to lead, or mislead us. We’ve all made up our own next move, and, mostly, have been wrong. Thank you for allowing us to taste the crumbs along the way, they have been very, very tasty!

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  2. It’s been my honor and absolute pleasure to read the various excerpts from your novel. You’ll have to let us know when the novel in its entirety is available for purchase. πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, I need a kick up the backside and maybe a sensory deprivation tank so I don’t get distracted. I need you advise, I want to post the Henry Green series again but don’t what to lose the links, how do I do that?

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  3. I’m thrilled to have been reading all along. That being said, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I have always struggled with this sort of thing. I worry about sharing… not because I think I’m ever going to make a penny off my writing… but because I’m cynical as hell and I assume someone’s going to steal my work. Money or not, that really upsets me… working my ass off on something only to have someone take it and claim it as their own. It happened to me a while back ()before my blog). It took me a long time to post again after that…

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    1. Yeah, that is a concern and perhaps it’s been foolish to post the whole thing like this. However, with rewrites and edits parts of it won’t even be recognizable when it’s ready for publishing. And I really have been glad to get everyone’s feedback here. I will wrap it up as soon as possible. Thanks as always, for reading and for your friendship and support! xo

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  4. I intend buying the novel when it is published. The revisions you make will be interesting whether or not I have the original on hand for the comparison. Buying the novel will be my reward to you, and my compliment to you, for allowing me to walk this path with you. It has been a privilege to watch you work and to follow your mind through the elaborate workings of your book. Thank you both for the journey and for the finished product when it appears.

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  5. Thank YOU for letting us all read it. I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel I’ve gained some benefit for our own writing in seeing your process. The thought that our comments and questions may have helped YOU in some way is icing on the cake. Or should I say butter on the baguette? πŸ˜‰

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    1. Aw! Thank you Rita! I am glad that watching me write this has been helpful. I’ll probably explain some of the struggles after the fact. Just having supportive comments is a huge motivator to keep going so you all absolutely helped!

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