Something bigger

Standing on the precipice
Peering into the void
The ground beneath me crumbling
Grasping at thin air as I pitch
It feels like slow motion
As if somehow I have time
I do not scream
Tumble, pivot, spin
Stare up into the night sky
That vast expanse above
There must be something bigger
Than all this down below
And I conclude
This is a lovely way to die

Header Image – The Starry Night; Vincent Van Gogh

68 thoughts on “Something bigger

  1. Beautiful poem. I like the part about it being like slow motion. Things do feel like that sometimes. Often the feelings you want to get past end up lingering… at least for me! Glad your poetry well had some water in it. πŸ˜€

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    1. That’s the way I feel, too, Vic. Like in a car accident – when time slows down to a crawl. The same with hurt, fear, anger – the memories are still keen so long after the event. It may have rained some – that usually fills up the well. 😦

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      1. Oh no, I take back the grin then! But I know what you mean. When life is pouring on us, it does give inspiration. Hugs! ❀️😘

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      2. You sound like me. I try to keep hopeful but a small wallow makes me feel better. 😊 And yes, that’s when stuff pours into the page.

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      1. Thank you. He was good but all too brief. He apologized for not feeling well but soldiered on anyway. Still very high drama – lots of theatrics. His violinist was ace. Played Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem – I was happy.

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      2. Gorgeous! A blast from the past. Always thought she was a fascinating figure – caught up in Warhol’s world. Haven’t listened in years. Had the Velvet Underground and Nico on Vinyl. Actually still have it, just no way to play it any more.

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      3. One of my favourite albums of all time. a fascinating figure indeed, funny how all those hardcore Alphabet City junkies avoided her because she was just too fucked up. And the brutal irony of her death, finally clean and straight, falling of her bicycle in Ibiza.

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  2. Sometimes, especially when I’m in awe, reveling in the beauty of something, someone, a moment, ‘it feels like slow motion, as if somehow I have time’. Maybe its as if I can feel all the moments leading to that particular moment, as well as all the future moments I envision because I saw that moment in the way that I saw it? Suspended in time, with a reverence for the past and hope for the future, all at once. And the knowledge that I’d slip away happily in any of them. What a feeling that is! πŸ’œ Beautiful words, Meg.

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    1. Thank you! You’re right, Kay. This will sound morbid but … I imagine those seconds of falling as complete exhilaration. Now if you had the wherewithal to pivot so as to see the vast expanse! Not hoping for it any time soon, mind you!

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  3. Wonderful Meg. I like that the momentum of the poem builds until the end… Dark and very visual, with a happy ending, “a lovely way to die”. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the rest of your evening and have a terrific Friday! ~ Mia

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