One Line Wednesday – Green

Those once-lively green eyes were now dull with the opacity of recent death.

I try to participate in this Twitter challenge each week. The idea is to pull one line from your ‘work in progress’ whether it’s a novel, short story or poem that fits the prompt. If you’d like to join, the hashtag is #1linewed and the host of the challenge is @RWAKissofDeath

22 thoughts on “One Line Wednesday – Green

    1. It’s a line from an upcoming chapter of the WWI story. I don’t do much with twitter. Although, the direct messaging thing is handy. It’s like texting without having to have the person’s phone number.

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      1. Supposedly. It’s one more way to establish an internet presence, at least. The more your name is out there, the higher you climb in search engine results. That is why my blog, twitter, tumblr and (hated) Facebook are all under my actual name. My blog links to all those other social media sites, plus an Amazon author page, and Goodreads Author page.

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