Dans de soleil.

This is the Sunshine Blog award. I should just take the “awards free blog” notice off my sidebar and change it to “selectively and randomly accepting awards because I don’t want to offend anyone, but don’t expect me to play by the rules” or something like that…

So in that spirit, let’s just call this “nine random questions” asked by:  Robert C. Day of levishedated, shall we?  My friend Diane D. of ladieswholunchreviews, also gave me a nod for this award without twisting my arm to join in, so I’ll give a shout out to her as well. If you aren’t following these two bloggers you’re missing out. Both are lovely people and talented writers with marvelous senses of humor.  Without further dithering, here goes…

  1. Where in the world would you like to live for the next 6 months if money and responsibilities were of no concern?  Paris, France. Art, history, culture, food, wine… Need I say more? I am already practicing the language.
  2. What is your favourite part of a rainbow?  The apex.
  3. Why do you not forgive your worst enemy?  Assuming I am my own worst enemy, which is what I think you’re getting at… I am working on it.
  4. How many smiles do you think you could give people in a single day?  Um, till my face hurts?
  5. When will you be famous?  Probably the day after I die. img_4026
  6. Who is your idol?  Idol… Nope, can’t think of any one person I idolize. Fangirl over? Now that’s a whole other thing. I have an extensive list. How long can this be? Seriously?
  7. Do you dream in colour (do you dream at all?)  Yes. Full color, high definition!
  8. Describe the sensation of falling off the edge of a tall building in a dream. Undoubtedly, it was my fault for getting too close in the first place. I love the sensation of peering over the edge and it will be the death of me someday. So the sensation is exhilarating. I tumble over and over until I’m dizzy. I laugh out loud (because it’s a dream, right?) and flatten out so I slow a little and watch the ground come up to meet me. With inches to go, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and… 
  9. What are the 3 most interesting things about your wardrobe?  1) there is almost no color besides black and blue. 2) I have a dozen of the exact same black scoop neck t-shirts.  3) I have some surprisingly high heeled shoes even though the rest of my wardrobe is rather monotonous. Viola:


That wasn’t too tedious, was it? Hopefully, I won’t be subjecting you to another of these type of things for a while. Now, back to my French lessons… Adieu!


47 thoughts on “Dans de soleil.

  1. That was a great read! Not just Paris, but WHERE in Paris? I love #5: Queen of Bad Timing! Nice. don’t think I could walk a mile in those shoes of yours! What a great idea to send a photo of them. Bravo!

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    1. There is a street (whose name escapes me) that runs perpendicular to the Blvd Grenelle, south of the Eiffel Tower and is near the Musee’ de Armie. There! In an apartment over a patisserie….

      Don’t worry, I couldn’t walk a mile in those shoes either! 😀

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      1. I guess I didn’t! How negligent of me! All right you like all cake but surely you have a favorite… Mine is this: I have a recipe for an Irish stout chocolate cake with chunks of chocolate and butter cream icing and shaved chocolate sprinkled on top. Decadent… You would love it

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  2. You see – aren’t you glad you accepted the award – all those lovely people Liking on your head and making lovely comments about you! It’s like Christmas!! (oh, and by the way – there are only 142 shopping days until Xmas! Just saying.) Thanks for your lovely and entertaining answers – I can see that you had fun. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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