Just whining…

It’s noon and I’m still in bed.  My facial bones feel like they’re separating from my skull – that’s how much sinus pain and pressure I’m feeling. I’m a terrible patient. You know how they always make fun of men for being big babies? I would give any man run for his money in the whining department. So basically this is an overt attempt to garner your sympathy.  Bring it on! 

So if someone could bring me some soup? And some Advil Cold and Sinus?  And maybe sing “Soft Kitty” to me? That would be awesome!

72 thoughts on “Just whining…

  1. I didn’t really want to “like” this – – poor Meg!! Cold or allergies? It’s the time of year when my allergies have my sinuses in an uproar.
    My husband and I always say “it feels better if you moan.”
    Feel better soon!

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  2. I am so sorry you’re miserable. I was going to contact you today because you were kind of missing from around here and I was worried. Which may be nice of me or it may just further prove that I worry about everything…!

    You know what happens when I’m sick? I whine for about 10 seconds before my husband or kids responds with something like, “Yeah, my [something] hurts. I must be sick, too…” Totally turning conversation away from my weakened state. And then I proceed to take care of them. Must be why whenever I’m sick, I want to call my mom. 🙂

    No one here is ill at the moment, but last night I made homemade soup for dinner… so I’ve actually got just the thing. I shall call a sexy musician and have him deliver it post haste!

    And of course, said sexy musician will perform “Soft Kitty” for you…

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  3. I hear bourbon in tea with honey is good. Maybe not with the tequila, though, lol. We’ve had that sinus stuff on and off for a month now. Started using Flonase and that helps but are you on an antibiotic? I can’t write or read much when my head hurts like that… Feel better, rest if you can…

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      1. Sounds good. Hubby and DDIL had antibiotics, the boys and I did otc and it seemed to take as long either way. Justin’s doc said might be a strain of flu that vaccine didn’t cover and relatively mild winter. I hate being sick!

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  4. Since I’ve had it from childhood, I’m going to nominate ‘genetic predisposition’ as the cause. I too have dreamt of the guillotine remedy many a time. Weather seems to be a precipitator.

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  5. I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier, I could have called and sang to you. That would get your sinus cavities open from all the howling. Hope you are feeling much better this evening ❤

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  6. Haven’t got much to ease your discomfort, but your header suddenly made me realize that untidy is picturesque, artistically speaking, so if it’s any comfort – if your sinuses have made you look untidy, you are looking rather picturesque, m’lady!

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  7. Poor dear, hoping you are a little better today. I’ve been fighting ‘the crud’ for over a week now, it’s ridiculous! I’ll send the soup, the musician, and some chocolate – for when you are able to taste anything again. Xx (no o today!)

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  8. I love the “Soft Kitty” reference. I am thinking of Sheldon singing it as I write this comment. Being sick sucks, but you definitely made something positive out of it. I LOVE your writing style.

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