Book review:  Echo: Approaching Shatter Volume I

I recently read this debut novel by Kent Wayne, a member of our bogging community.  I thought I’d share the review I gave on Amazon (also the link to buy!) and elaborate a little bit.  There are some facets of the book that writers will appreciate.

Here’s my review:

Five stars:  Left wanting more!

First of all- mother of all cliff hangers! I’m so glad I know a sequel is forthcoming! The author portrays a future where humankind has moved out into the galaxy to colonize another planet, Echo. And this future is brutal, with dissident factions fighting the elitist government. Though our hero, Atriya, is a soldier for that government, he finds himself in a precarious position, too valuable to be discarded but too dangerous to be ignored. The story ends with Atriya facing enemies without and within.  Kent Wayne, you’re killing me!

Now, to elaborate.  This is a dark, brutal story, full of violence and ugliness.  But hey, life is never pretty in a dystopian future world.  And yet, Atriya, our hero is not just a mindless killer.  He is a deep well, one we have yet to plumb the depths.   I suspect the sequel will explore more of the mind of the man, if he survives the oncoming storm, that is. Like I said, mother of all cliff hangers!

The author describes the fight scenes in a detailed, almost slow motion way. It’s some great writing, painful because you feel it! He also does a great job “world building” with the soldiers’ equipment and gear. I am hopeful that revelations about the series of events that led to humankind ending up out in the galaxy are forthcoming!

So who would like this book?  Fans of Mad Max, The Terminator, Planet of the Apes, A Clockwork Orange, even Farenheit 451, perhaps.  If you read this review and think you’d like the book, the first few chapters are available on Kent’s blog:  Dirty Sci Fi Buddha.  Go say hello!